We don’t like to hide our price behind a sale engineer or a maze of meetings and quotes. We put it out there for you to decide if we fit.

How much does men in silicium cost?

Our base rate is CHF 150.- / hour (US$ 150, € 120) – more than a mechanic, but less than a lawyer. In addition, we lower our base rate according to the project duration (discount up to 25%).

A typical men in silicium customer spends between 25k and 100k on our services. You’re getting a leading engineering agency at your disposal for the price of a single employee. It just makes sense.

Finding the right fit

Every business is targeted at different types of work. men in silicium is optimized for:

Medium to large-ish projects

We have many small business customers, but we try to avoid very small projects (software development under 20k, consultancy under 10k) because our process doesn’t work well at that scale. Likewise, we also pass on very large projects (over 250k) because they’re just not much fun to work on. Everything in between is our garden.

Medium price ranges

We won’t compete on price with students doing their home work, but we’ll do a heck of a lot better job developing your software! We also aren’t going to charge the arm and leg that big engineering agency will, since we’ve cut out the bloat that usually goes along with big agency projects. We’re optimized for maximum value-per-coin.

High quality work

We insist on doing things well, and we won’t cut important steps just to make things faster or cheaper, because it will always come back to bite you sooner or later. Doing it right the first time is always the most cost-effective solution.

Reasonable timelines

We’ve refined our processes and tools over the years to enable us to do great work as efficiently as possible. We’re not an overnight emergency shop, but we’ll definitely move things along briskly for you.